Monday, October 31, 2011

morning of day 6

I am sad to report that during the morning of day 5 I went on the tredmill for a few miles feeling sluggish due to the recent inactivity of the experiment. This is what led to my downfall., I had made it through most of the night until I estimate I fell asleep somewhere between 5-7, only to be woken up around 7:15ish.

Instantly I knew it was over, I have read many accounts of people oversleeping by hours and it seems like going back to square 0. This will not work with my schedule as I cannot delay the adaption phase back to the start. The most dissapoinment was that my body was already adapting and by my estimates I was at the most 3-4 days from a complete success. I plan to switch to monophasic until winter break. During the time which I do not have any classes I will attempt to switch to polyphasic once again. Until then some advie to remember.

Keep exercise to a minimal
Dont get to warm during the night cycle
Have multiple alarms, one that requires you to get up out of bed to turn off
Eat healthy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

morning of day 5

Very exciting news, during the morning nap yesterday (of day 4) I had my first dream. This is good becuase my body is realizing this is my sleep schedule. I noticed I was the most awake I had been since starting the experiment directly after the nap with the dream. The rest of the day I felt fine, I almost missed the afternoon nap because of my lack of sleepiness.

The day was fun haning out with my girlfriend we went shopping at a few places and found a costume for Halloween, and later her friend came over and we carved pumpkins. Though I do not recall any dreams since then I am still very optimistic. There is a huge difference between the time it takes to wake up after having a dream vs. not.

Again I have kept busy with facebook apps and other web sites and a movie. I feel awake as ever at 5 in the morning, my body is getting used to the idea of being up at what was once an "early" hour. On this cycle I find it hard to recall "days" and easier to refer to cycles of being awake. Someone asked me if Im going to stick to it. I see it like this

We go to bed at the same time, after midnight and the person on the monophasic sleep end up feeling tired for half the next day. I wake up a half hour after gonig to bed and feel groggy for 5-10 min and then am up for 5-5.2 hours, then I take another nap, wake up and then wait for the monophasic sleeper to wake up.

I feel this sense of not being rushed anymore and Im still coming out of the adaption phase. I can hardly wait until day and night have become a term that only words have a definition for, its merly free time. So yes I feel I will stick to this new sleep cycle until someone convinces me to give up a minimum of 40 hours a week to feel more tired and groggy.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

morning 4

As I mentioned before I slept in by about 40 min after waking up in the morning. I have continued the normal times and this little excursion appears to have little affect. Before the morning cycle which is usually the hardest I was reduced to wandering back and forth across the room unable to decide on what to do for the 15 min before the nap. The tiredness that had overcome me was the second most severe since during any of the day cycles thus far, day cycles I'm refering to when everyone else is up. This night has gone smoothly, mostly due to stumbleupon and facebook apps to keep me busy.

Its funny how the cycles differ in tiredness. Day 3 definatly went by in a blur. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes I do not recall turning off the alarm whatsoever. As you can guess this is very bad, as the time it takes to fall back asleep is about 2 seconds of closed eyes laying down. To avoid this I am now setting an alarm on my ipod touch 5 minutes after the initial alarm. Along with the delay I am placing the ipod in a spot where I have to get up out of bed to turn it off, so far so good.

Still no dreams, although I feel the naps definatly charge me somewhat. Another note is going to the bathroom, due to night blending with morning days are a lot harder to tell apart from eachother. It seems weird to think I have been doing this for three days and this being the fourth night. Its 5:40 in the morning and I feel a little tired but no more then if I had slept more then 10 hours in a row, also consider I have about 9 hours of sleep (including the unplanned oversleep) for the past 4 nights now.

Anyone trying to switch and having a hard time during the night I would reccomend wearing a coat without socks in comfy pants. Usually houses/apartments cool down during the night because everyone else is in bed under layers of blankets, by not wearing socks I have found it keeps me more awake, the coat is to ensure you dont get to the point of being uncomfortable in the cold. Even though warm is nice, it could be a killer to the adaption phase.

Friday, October 28, 2011

mornig of day 3

yesterday I was definatly feeling the effects of switching from sleep cycles, energy would come and go it seemed every two hours. The time before the naps would be the worst, the night cycle was not as bad as I had thought though.

Something worth nothing is I dont remember turning off my alarm this morning, luckily I recieved a phone call about 40 minutes after I should have been up. I woke up, turned off the alarm, and fell back asleep with the phone in my hand. This made me somewhat upset, but also I am lucky. Most people I have read about have overslept by hours, I think if I continue to make the naps and wake up on time, this little oversleep should not affect the adaption phase too badly. I will have to really watch the waking up part and literally jump out of bed everymorning.

My hunger seemed to be off yesterday, one minute I would feel bloated kind of full then all of a sudden hunger would take over. I have been trying to drink more water but yesterday my lips seemed to be dried out more then normal.

With such promise going into the third day, which seems to be one of the hardest, I will only have to try to be more alert. With determination I feel I should be able to still adapt soon. I didnt have any dreams this morning, which means my brain didnt go back into the monophasic sleep.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The start of day 2

I awoke yesterday from my morning nap starting at 7:45 to find myself in a fog of tiredness. The last two hours seemed to crawl by. Reading was not an option. The naps during the day seemed to fair a lot better though, I felt about normal as soon as I was up and the light was out. Then last night after class the 7:45 pm nap seemed to be shortlived, I felt very tired willing the minutes to go by faster until 1:45. my hunger was off and did not realize it until it came upon me like a storm, I had a delicious pene around midnight.

After waking from the 1:45 in the morning I was dreading the second night. This fear was unneeded. I found watching comedy on the TV along with stretching and skimming through a class book easily passed the time. I would reccomend to avoid the laptop or computer during this phase because it seemed to drain my energy the morning cycle before.

I was surprised at how awake I was yesterday, after the 1:45 pm nap. Compared to normal I would guess I had about 85-90% functionality during the day, considering thats 2 hours for a day and a half. I think the mental prepration and overall curisoity of the sleep cycle is helping make it through the tough mornings when everyone else is off snoozing.

I look foward to start having dreams as this is an indicator that you are adapting and reaching the point of being successful on the switch. I am also curisous about how tired I will be during the second day. The second day being day two running off naps, not the monophasic sleep.(6-8hrs on average for normal people, though in my experience it appears to be a lot more then that)

Also a note, for fear of sleeping through my timer, though it is loud I have read of people turing it off and returing to sleep therefore seriously damanging the adaption phase. I have added alarms as well as the timer, not directly the same time but about 5-10 mins after I should be up, I feel this acts as a safty net. And so far I have not needed them.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1st night

I started my naps yesterday after getting out of class. The first three naps so far have seemed not very productive. They were hard to fall asleep, due to the fact before this naps were not a usual thing. And when sleep finally came, it seemed as though I was awake the whole time rolling about. Even though it was sleep, it was only getting my body used to the idea of less but more efficient sleep. So upon waking I felt tired, as if I had overslept, this feeling passed though once I got up and moved about.

I am trying to eat healthier to help the adaption period go along as smoothly as possible. Since Ive been up on this cycle I have dismounted a desk, skimmed facebook, and stumbleupon, updated my phone, and stretched out along with some meditation. Its quite surprising how noisy the upstairs neighbors are here, distinctly Asia and have been awake all night, tromping up and down the stairs.

I will post during the morning cycle to help pass the time, it feels weird to be up when everyone else is off snoozing. Sort of like pulling an all nighter but looking foward to the next little break. I think video games and music are next on the adgenda to help pass the time. The main goal is to hit the target times right on, to aid in the adaption phase. I can worry about being productive later, right now I just need to break this cycle we have all been trained into.

Sleeping on average 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 87 days a year, all being passed up because we think its foolish, silly, impossible, crazy, weird, interesting, impossible. Change makes the most sense, its how we went from a single cell organism to the most advanced species on the planet Earth.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dymaxion cycle

I am switching to an Alternative sleep cycle, starting in 15 min. this means I will be sleeping one 30 minute nap every 5 1/2 hours throughout my day. the idea is to deprive the brain of sleep so it starts the REM cycle instantly, rather then 75-90 minutes into sleep. this way your body gets more efficient sleep.
Did you know babies are polyohasic sleepers? this means they sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up and so on throughout the day. we just trian them to sleep like us.

i found this article , and it sparked my interest. I am going into this little experiment to see if it really is possible to function for a whole day with only 2 hours of sleep. it sounds crazy, but i would rather be crazy and know it, then not know and be crazy.